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Powerful Builder Software

Our cover letter and resume builder software, developed by professionals, has been refined to perfection. Utilizing our tools will ultimately result in hours of time and effort saved.

Job-Winning Examples

Looking for some inspiration before sending in your application? Browse through a wide range of resume, cover letter, and CV samples for various jobs and life circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find answers to your most important career-related questions, our FAQ library is a helpful resource to begin your search and find professional solutions.

Resume and cover letter template

There are various formats available for resume and cover letter templates. Once you finish creating your resume or cover letter, you can download the chosen template.

Expert Writing Guides

Crafting a resume and writing a cover letter can be made simple by utilizing our exceptional software tool that effortlessly guides you through each step.

Additional Career Resources

Templates for resumes and cover letters, suggestions for crafting thank you and recommendation letters, tips for acing interviews, and additional resources.

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Explore our API solutions, tailored to improve your


CSV Candidate Finder

Highlights the API's ability to match the best candidate from a CSV file based on the job ad text, saving time and effort in the hiring process.

Job Posting Generator

Create well-structured and optimized job postings effortlessly with our API. Simply provide the job details, and let our tool do the rest.

Diversify Job Postings

Ensure your job postings are inclusive and diverse with our API. It rewrites your postings to attract a wider range of qualified candidates.

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10 Resumes
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100 AI-Generated Content tokens
19.99 EUR
20 Resumes
10 Cover Letters
200 AI-Generated Content tokens
White Label Resumes
29.99 EUR
30 Resumes
15 Cover Letters
300 AI-Generated Content tokens
White Label Resumes
Resume Tailoring
0.99 EUR
Cover Letters
AI-Generated Content
White Label Resumes
White Label Cover Letters
Resume Tailoring
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Its an innovative platform as for me. Cover letters and responses are looks very professional and tailored to each job ad. I appreciate the time it saves me and the quality of the applications. I'd love to see more analytics and insights. Hope it will be developed soon.

Sophia Pritchard - Mar 27, 2024

The personalized approach has helped me land more interviews and feel more confident in my applications. I highly recommend to anyone looking to streamline their job search. really revolutionized my job search!

Arthur Correia - Mar 26, 2024

I've found to be a useful tool in streamlining my job application process. The AI analysis and generation of responses give me good ideas. I'd appreciate more options for customizing the tone and style of the cover letters.

Julie Krause - Mar 26, 2024

Good and useful tool for streamlining the job application process. The AI-generated responses are well-written and tailored to each job ad. I appreciate the platform's ease of use and the time it saves me. The only improvement I'd suggest is a feature to track application statuses.

Joel Rogers - Mar 23, 2024

As someone who struggles with writing cover letters, this platform has been invaluable. The applications are personalized, well-structured, and highlight my key strengths. I've seen a significant increase in interview invitations. Thanks for this tool.

Heitor Almeida - Mar 25, 2024

I've been using for a few weeks, and I'm impressed with the quality of the applications it generates. The AI does a great job of matching my skills and experience to the job requirements. My only suggestion would be to add more customization options for the cover letters.

Luke Hunter - Mar 21, 2024

JobJet has been a helpful resource in my job search. The AI application generator creates compelling and professional responses that showcase my qualifications. The platform is user-friendly and efficient. I'd love to see more templates and design options for the cover letters.

Zoe Saunders - Mar 25, 2024

Its has made my job search so much easier! The personalized applications save me a ton of time, and the AI-powered analysis ensures that I'm submitting high-quality, relevant applications. I've already landed several interviews thanks to this platform!

Juan Montgomery - Mar 22, 2024

The technology is impressive, and the personalized applications have helped me stand out from other candidates. I've received positive feedback from employers on the quality of my applications. This platform is a must-have for any job seeker!

Bugata Venkatesh - Mar 24, 2024

The AI-generated cover letters and application responses are incredibly well-crafted and really highlight my strengths. I've received more interview invitations since using this platform. Highly recommend it to all job seekers!

Artur Engel - Mar 21, 2024


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